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Overwhelming. Perhaps that wouldn’t be the best choice of words to describe Paige’s party, but deal. And also maybe I’m a bit obsessive with one-word sentences, but that is live-able too, eh? Anyway, from reading this you’re probably assuming that my day wasn’t the best, as it was.

So that morning I was talking to Sean, he was having doubts about coming back because he was totally hung up on Ellie. And she wasn’t too happy with him. Despite his protests, (well, they weren’t really protests…more like pointing out the cons about his move back) I kidnapped him and drove him to Paige’s party. Which I mean, wasn’t wrong, right?

Anyway, the party was a real drag, up until a few events. But what can I say? Degrassi was going through a spell of bad parties. This one was a total wake up call, though. So Ellie was accusing Sean of having feelings for me, and he got really pissed off and punched Paige’s wall. This all in all wasn’t so bad because the repair man was pretty good looking :).If you’re reading this, call me!

Well, Ellie was fuming, and Sean’s um...punch wasn’t helping the situation, either. So she had to vent, take out her steam, blah, blah, blah. The only possible option? Crashing into Manny’s car. Surprisingly enough, of I’m not that mad. I explained to my parents it was a hit and run, and they’re sending it to a mechanic tomorrow morning. I’m not pressing charges, so Ellie you don’t have to worry. I’ll pretend like it never happened. I just want you to know [Ellie], that Sean is NOT interested in me, and like wise, and maybe you should give him another shot...?

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