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A trip down memmory lane

So Emma told me something that surreal. The pregnancy scare once lurked over mine, but now, on hers? Seems so indifferent from reality. Best of luck to her and Sean. I took time today to go through my photo album. Things changed so much, and I needed a reality check. This is what I found..

Emma and I in grade 7 when I broke my leg. Best Friends forever, Em!

Lil `ol grade 7 me. young. So naive. So...totally not me now.

Emma and I crashing the grade 8 "80's dance."

The summer before grade 7. It's truly surprising how I remember every EXACT detail of that day. Perhaps it was the surprise of grade 7. Or, just maybe, the terrofying WORRY Emma put me through when we realized her internet boyfriend wasn't exactly a "boy"...more like a man.

Craig and I dancing at the 80's dance :)

Toby, Me, Em and JT back in grade 9. Aw we all look so cute! Love the pose, JT!

Wow. Degrassi. I'll miss this place so much when I leave (if I do anytime soon, that is.)

The Crew. JT, Me, Em and Toby. Wow Toby looks like one of those Emo kids. He fits the part perfectly: The glasses, the sad deppressing look.

I think this picture is adorable! From top: Jimmy, Toby (in headlock lol) Spinner, JT (in headlock), Me, Emma and Uh...Liberty (nice pose...), Paige, Ash and Terri.

Another aw-worthy pic! Wow, it's taken on the same day!

Jimmy, Toby and I at some scholastic competition. I hardly remember this.

Grade 8 and 9 Class photo! Sean, Jimmy, Spinner, Terri, Ash, Craig, Liberty, Ellie, Emma, Hazel, Paige, Marco, Me, Toby, JT, Kendra and Nadia

Oh yeah...tough guys lol. Me, Marco, Craig, Emma and Hazel! Wow Em, way to go. Only one smiling! lol!

JT, Me and Toby in the halls in grade 8. JT and Toby look SO young! Like incredibly young.

Very grave. The night before Emma's mom's wedding.

Look! A bird! A plane! *sigh* it was only you, Craig!

I'm a true romantic.

Woo. Wow grade 9. Generally, not my best year. But, nevertheless, it's woo-worthy, I suppose! Jimmy, Joey (or, to be all proper, "Mr. Jerimah") Ms. Nelson, Me, Caitilin, Ellie, Mr. Simpson, Craig and Sean.

Craig and I in grade 9. Love ya, hun!

Hazel, Sean and I at the skye dome. Hi Emma! (in the background)

My first rave with Emma in grade 9. Wow, what an unforgetable night.

Good hair day. Kudos to me!

Liberty won't take a hint.

Pretty much everyone. Even Chris! Wow, I seem concerned. Emma your hair looks awesome!

Craig & Ash, Me, Paige & Spinner. Symbolisim much?

First day of grade 10 w/ Em.


Yes, I did date JT.

Emma, Hazel, Me and ELLIE in NYC! Wow, Ellie, you look really nice.

Day dreams about what exactly lives in Spinner's hair.

Jimmy & I. Get better babe! Ew, please ignore my ugly, oily, morning face.

LOL Em! Look at our faces!

Me & Em in "Pretty, Pretty" Ah, glourious shopping.

Tobes & I. Love ya Toby!

Yes, I like football. Maybe.

Marco & I. Heh. Thank you soo much Marco! I <3 you.

I won prom queen...

...Didn't know that came with a complimentry dress-ripping. Thanks, Paige.

Paige and LA.

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Manny..those pics..hah some are old, and some are new!! Emma's changed ALOT so have you!
Heh. I know. So have you; your fro is gone! lol.
thanks Manny

I can't see the pictures....damn computer. I don't think I want to see whatever horrible pic there is of me
no problem ;)

Oh you look perfectly fine in those pictures! Believe me!
now I see and barely any of me, good Manny
I can add more if you'd like... :)
no that's ok....
i can't see either.
Perhaps it's the server. I'll try again :).
cant see.
Uploaded it. Should work now.
Yes! My looks pale in comparison to yours...esspecially in that picture ;)