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First off I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year! Happy `05 ya’ll! Hopefully this year will be better than previous ones. Anyway, this week has been treating me really well. Craig and I have been talking a lot lately, and I’m really glad, too. He’s such a great person, despite our history; which shows how great he is. And smart, lol! And before I forget, congrats to you and Paige. Aren’t they just adorable? Ok, I’ll control my passionate um...side.

For the first part of the day I went to the Dot. I hung out with Sean and Emma. I sorta ditched them because the repair guy walked in. But everyone: I'm over him...

So last night was New Years Eve, and all would have thought Ms. Santos would have been partying `till she died, but unfortunately I spent my evening lounging and soaking up all the New Year’s spirit with my couch, TV, and computer. Later on that night, I invited a few people to come over to watch the ball drop. Paige, Craig, Sean and Ellie showed up. I talked to Sean most of the night, he left early to retreat to Emma’s house. That went...well, from what Emma told me, Anyway...

I’m going to go to the movies with Em, Paige, Craig and Sean.

Catch you all later!

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