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So I guess I'm way do for another installment of the life of Manny Santos! I know you're all jumping with joy to know what my latest *scheme* has been. But I regret to tell you, it hasn't been much of anything, really.

Unless, of course, that wasn't counting yesterday. Apparently, it seems like Craig and Em are the only two people alive out there. HELLO! Where is everyone else ^_^! So, Craig and I decided to hang out. And it was tons of fun.

First, Craig and I went to the dot. We talked about alot of things...and it was nice. Then, we went outside and had a whole scene. LOL! The whole town must think we're the biggest freak showns. Then we headed over to the park, went on the swings, and talked about Universty. We're planning on going to the same schools, and then we talked about how we're going to buy crowns..and return and hand them down to the next line of Drama King and Queen (like ourselves)! May they wear their crows as proudly as us (:

Later I went over to his place and I helped babysit Ang. She's soo adorable. Gosh, it's been so long since I was, what? Eight years old or something. It feels SO long ago.

Anyway, I'm probably going to prepare for Summerland tonight! God Jesse McCartney is SO hot!

xox Manny
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