manny santos ಌ (manuela_santos) wrote,
manny santos ಌ

Degrassi's semi formals are like cursed or something. Seriously. Nothing ever goes right. And considering the events of our most recent semi-formal, I am cursed. People call my cell phone in the middle of the night, "How about you take it all of?"

So, if you happened to miss the events of the semi-formal, Paige was still mad at me and she was really paranoid about her cheer incident and that I was wearing the same dress as her, so infront of the school (as i was about to accept my prize of prom queen) she ripped off my entire dress, exposing a close to nothing slip. So that just topped off my evening//sarcasm

Anyway, I guess we don't exactly hate eachother because we talked a little in the bathroom. But that's it!

And oh, sorry for my lack of updates.
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