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So it looks like I didn’t die after all, which may or may not be a good thing. To me it seems as though I’m looked upon as a plague of some sort to the school, because apparently I just can’t keep myself out of a fight; and for those of you who are completely out of the social loop (my dearest respects to you), Paige and I got into a fight. Not you’re normal catty hissy fit, a physical fight I guess…? According to Ellie, it probably wasn’t the most well fought fights, it being a more “girly” fight. And of course my weekend didn’t conduct well.


My mom’s constant lecture was ringing through my ears over, and over. She was so perfect, innocent, and overall boring. How I’m so utterly unlike her. She expects me to do everything in this perfect sequence, and all my actions should flow the way that she wants. I just want to have fun, you know? I know how to keep myself in order for the most part, but I can be spontaneous, and I am not going to end up like her, ever. A middle-aged housewife who barely every sees her husband and conducts everything so orderly and perfectly, is that the life I want to look forward to? Is that the life ANYONE wants to look forward to? So I desperately needed to get out of the house, and besides, I made plans with Darcy, Chante and Emma to have a complete spa-weekend at her house. No annoying boys (Hi, Chris, you’re a complete jerk), and in my case, no annoying parents there to reprimand your every actions. So, indulging into our spa weekend—the first thing we did was drink Ms. Nelson’s fabulous Mocktails and do face masks. Unfortunately, it turned out Chester was her neighbor. This was just splendid to learn because I was disfuigured, and he saw me! So Darcy, Chante and I ran inside. So then we started to make tie-dye t-shirts and Darcy and Chante were making them (or standing while Emma and I did), and they were fully clothed in nice attire. And yeah, so Chester and his three brothers (Who are named Chad and Chuck, lmao) were throwing a football. So I asked them to pass it to me and it flew in the tie-dye and soaked Emma’s clothes. So then we had a mini tie-dye war. Haha, it was fun. So later that night Emma planned a little revenge. We covered his tree with pads and tampons. It was insanely funny and wild, but of course I was a little nervous about the whole idea. So when Emma is just about to put the star on top of the tree, the cops pull up. Luckily, she escaped with a warning.
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