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For once of in my life I’ve felt a sense of peace or whatever. There was no need to be concerned about the ramifications of my latest scheme, or worry about someone else’s well being. And it all seems like ideal tranquil, or some kind of alternate universe where the notion of drama was just a comparison to what you watch on Soap Operas. But of course it won’t stay for long, and some love triangle forms. It may be a surprise to some of you, but no, I’m not entwined in this, and the only purpose I serve is to console and give advice (which I’m not really good at but, whatever.) And I mean, I shouldn’t be worked up about it, but I guess the feeling is mutual, right? And my best friend, kidnap-ee and fellow cult member are all “in” this so…

Yeah I’ve said too much. It’s there “thing” and I think everyone is on better terms now ;].

IM me because I’m bored :x
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