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School work = B.R.U.T.A.L. Kwan’s essay on how modern influences affects the work that is produced even more BRUTAL. As usual, I was chatting on AIM instead of actually getting something done. Craig invited me to go to the park and dot with him before he had to baby-sit Ang with Paige at 6. Of course, I agreed it was better than making constant excuses that I was doing my homework. So when he picked me up at my house my mom had to butt in. He was nervous, because he knew my parent’s didn’t like him that much. But my mom surprisingly didn’t go commando. It was nice to know that she didn’t hate him, unlike my dad. Kidding! I beat him to the swings, proving I am better ;]. Kidding! And we just hung out on the monkey bars...and yeah...update later!
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