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Guess like I’m due for another installment of my oh-so fabulous and drama free (yeah right) life. The other day Craig (aka: the King of Drama) and I (the Queen of Drama) decided it would be fun if we all went to the movies. So, we invited: Paige, Emma and Sean. We didn’t even get to decide on which movie to go to, but an auburn blaze began to creep up on us. And lucky us, some security guard locked the doors (he must have assumed the theater was empty) and we were locked in. We had no choice but to search for a window, and fast. In the process, (and I can thank my bad case of asthma for this) I fainted. Obviously, everything is alright now. I just had some black lungs, and I have to use this nebulizer thing. But it’s ok. Apparently, Sean broke open the window with his bare fists, and carried Emma out. And Craig carried Paige out. But thankfully, Craig came back for me :') I was taken to the hospital because I wasn’t breathing, and unfortunately, I MISSED EMMA AND SEAN KISS. Gosh, don’t these paramedics know that I should have stayed longer? Heheh.

So today I went to the dot, and later chilled at Alex’s house with like everyone. I didn’t stay long. But nothing really went on.

Call me later someone!

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